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Directorate of  Institutional Finance

The functions of the Directorate of Institutional Finance ( also called Resources wing) include :


To Monitor  flow of resources for plan implementation in the State

The flow of resources takes places from different gencies/sources

Twelfth Finance Commission (TFC) is one of the Chief engagements of the Resources wing.

  Flow of resources under TFC is Rs 20880.00 Crore.

An increase of 27% over the Eleventh Finance Commission (EFC)

Central Flows Till July of the Current Fiscal (2006-07)

(Rs. in crore)

1. NCA 678.66
2. NPRG 1019.45
3. Share of Taxes 462.33
4. Small Savings 56.92
5. EAP 16.71
6. SRE 108.61
6. Grant in Aid 35.28
7. Negotiated Loans 151.02
8. ARWP 116.63
9. NSAR 1.23
10. NPAG 0.69
11. BADP 25.31
12. Others 99.34
13. SPA 0.00
Total 2772.18

Twelfth Finance Commission Award earmarked and amount Received Sector-Wise sofar

(Rs. in crore)

Particulars Amount Earmarked Amount Received
Maintenance of Roads & Bridges 29.42 14.71
Maintenance of Public Buildings 41.14 20.57
Maintenance of Forests 6.0  
Heritage Conservation 2.5  
State Specific Needs 25  
Local Bodies 63.8  
Total 35.28

Directorate of Codes

The Directorate of codes attends the following matters:

Prepares and Updates Financial Rules, Service Rules and other Manuals related to State administration including for Treasury administration.
Deals with Opinion cases relating to various issues of personnel administration and Financial administration.
Interpretation of various Rules and Regulations.

Directorate of Budget

Functions of the Directorate of Budget include :

Financial Management of the State
Budget formulation and execution
Public Expenditure policy and allocation
Monitoring of own Tax and Non-Tax Revenue
Classification of Accounts
Contingency Fund of the State
All issues relating to Government expenditure

Receipts (Rs in Crore)

1 Tax and Non Tax Revenue (State Owned) 2721.00
2 Central Transfers
Share in Central Taxes 1488.00
Grants 3125.00
Plan 4220.00
3 Capital Receipts 1139.00
4 C.S.S 700.00

Expenditure (Rs in Crore)

1 Non Plan Expenditure 8767.00
2 Plan Expenditure 4200.00
3 C.S.S 700.00


  - Localized exemption withdrawals
  - Liquor regulation and duty restructuring
Overdraft II for Power Purchase
Stamps and Registration  
Amnesty for non-tax  

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